In Common is a podcast exploring the lives, research and activities of scholars and practitioners as they promote sustainable human-environment interactions. We are the official podcast of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) and we also produce content in coordination with the International Journal of the Commons (IJC).

The title of the podcast is meant to evoke several ideas related to resource sharing. It reflects the idea of holding resources “In common” as it relates to actions of “commoning”, a process contrary to commons enclosures that we see around the world. We hope the podcast provides a shared space for open-access conversations that can help build community. It is also meant to emphasize the need to see what we have “in common”, in spite of the barriers across the disciplines and perspectives that we must incorporate in order to sustainably manage shared resources.

This podcast was originally founded as the Finding Sustainability Podcast in 2019, based on a conversation that Stefan Partelow and Michael Cox had via Twitter about the need to create an alternative space for discussions about environmental social science.