023: Policy engaged research, collective action, and the ecology of games with Mark Lubell

This past fall we spoke with Mark Lubell, a professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy and the co-director of the Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior (CEPB) at the University of California, Davis. We spoke about Mark’s interdisciplinary engagements at his institution, the value of doing used-based research, the ecology of games framework that he has pioneered, and how tools like this are needed to capture complex social interactions in real-world policy environments.

Mark’s website: http://www.des.ucdavis.edu/faculty/lubell/

CEPB website: https://environmentalpolicy.ucdavis.edu/

Correction: In discussing the concept of polycentricity, Michael mentions Rebecca Gruby as being from the University of Colorado Boulder, but Dr. Gruby is a professor at Colorado State University (https://sites.warnercnr.colostate.edu/rebeccagruby/)

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