034: Reflexivity and the digitalization of academia with Klara Winkler

In this episode, Stefan interviews Klara Winkler. Klara is a postdoctoral researcher at McGill University in Canada, where she is also the Deputy Science Director of the ResNet project, which aims to “To transform Canada’s capacity to monitor, model, and manage its working landscapes and all the ecosystem services they provide for long-term shared health, prosperity and resilience for all Canadians.”

Klara is from Germany, where she earned her PhD from the University of Oldenburg. Her thesis was titled “Once more with feelings: Harnessing human-nature relationships for the governance of social-ecological systems”. She received a MSc from Lund University in Sweden, with a thesis titled, “More than wine: cultural ecosystem services in vineyard landscapes”.

In the podcast we discuss:

  • The challenges and opportunities of further digitizing academia
  • Reflexivity in research practice, including our own emissions
  • The challenges of being far away from our objects of study
  • Skype a Scientist initiative

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