044: Policy processes and advocacy coalitions with Chris Weible

Michael spoke with Chris Weible, a professor at the school of public affairs, University of Colorado, Denver. Chris is also the director of his school’s PhD program, and a co-director with Tanya Heikkila of the Workshop on Policy Process Research (WOPPR).

Chris is a leading figure on the field of policy studies, and Michael and Chris discussed the use of a popular policy process tool, the advocacy coalition framework, as well is Chris’ developing interdisciplinary work on the role of emotions and interpretivist perspectives in policy process studies.

Chris’ website: https://publicaffairs.ucdenver.edu/programs/public-affairs-programs/phd-in-public-affairs/christopher-weible-ucd189

WOPPR website: https://publicaffairs.ucdenver.edu/research-and-impact/workshop-on-policy-process-research

Paper that Chris mentions towards the end of the interview: Durnová, A. P., and C. M. Weible. 2020. Tempest in a teapot? Toward new collaborations between mainstream policy process studies and interpretive policy studies. Policy sciences.

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