047: Split incentives, Rentlab and moving from government to the private sector with Jacqui Bauer

In this episode Michael spoke with Jacqui Bauer. Jacqui is the founder and CEO of Rentlab (https://www.rentlab.org/), an organization that works with cities to address the “split incentive problem” created by dividing the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords with respect to rental property. Michael and Jacqui discussed this project and Jacqui’s previous work that led up to it, particularly her position as the sustainability director for the city of Bloomington, Indiana. Not coincidentally, Bloomington is where Michael attended Indiana University for graduate school. They talked a bit about their time there, as well as about their thoughts on the public vs. private sectors and how academia relates to each.

Finally, since the topic of the best pizza (at least in Bloomington and maybe the world) didn’t come up, here is the website for Mother Bear’s pizza: https://motherbearspizza.com/

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