048: Indonesian science and the sociology of disaster risk reduction with Irina Rafliana

In this episode, Stefan interviews Irina Rafliana.

Irina is a science communication officer at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), and is also currently a PhD candidate at the German Development Institute in Bonn, Germany. Irina’s research is focused on disaster sociology, where she is examining the social construction of knowledge and technology in the implementation of a tsunami warning system in Indonesia aided by German partners. Irina has extensive experience working within the Indonesian science system, but also internationally.

In the podcast we discuss disaster risk in Indonesia around earthquakes and tsunamis, and the challenges surrounding the implementation of a tsunami warning system. Irina is studying the sociology of this process, how knowledge is constructed among the individual and organization involved, as well as the challenges with communicating this knowledge with local communities in Indonesia.

Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)


Germany Development Institute, Bonn, Germany


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