063: Social network analysis with Ramiro Berardo

In this episode, Michael spoke with Ramiro Berardo, a professor in the School of Environment & Natural Resources at the Ohio State University. Ramiro discussed with Michael his research on natural resource governance using social network analysis (SNA), the diversity of resources that are now available for scholars trying to learn SNA, and the more recent trend towards social-ecological network analysis. Michael also asked Ramiro to talk about the extensive effort he has put in to his online teaching during the pandemic.

Ramiro’s website: http://www.ramiroberardo.net/\

Papers that Michael and Ramiro discuss:

Berardo, R., & Scholz, J. T. (2010). Self‐organizing policy networks: Risk, partner selection, and cooperation in estuaries. American Journal of Political Science, 54(3), 632-649.

Berardo, R., & Lubell, M. (2016). Understanding what shapes a polycentric governance system. Public Administration Review, 76(5), 738-751.