064: Where does wild catch end and aquaculture begin? with Josh Stoll

In this episode Michael spoke with Josh Stoll, an assistant professor of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine. Josh spoke with Michael about the trends in and relationship between wild catch fisheries and aquaculture in Maine. He also spoke about his professional identity, place attachment to Maine, and his oyster farm that he manages. Finally, they discussed the Local Catch Network that Josh co-founded to strengthen community-based fishing systems.


Josh’s website: https://joshua-stoll.com/

Local catch website: https://localcatch.org/


Stoll, J. S., H. M. Leslie, M. L. Britsch, and C. M. Cleaver. 2019. Evaluating aquaculture as a diversification strategy for Maine’s commercial fishing sector in the face of change. Marine Policy 107:103583.