066: Ecosystem services and community-based research with Marta Berbes

In this episode Michael spoke with Marta Berbes, a professor at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University. During their conversation, Marta discussed her work on ecosystem service provision in several agricultural communities in Costa Rica and the importance of asking who gets what services, and why? Michael also asked Marta about her emphasis on participatory action research and her more recent work in South Phoenix on resilience and youth perspectives on green space.

Marta’s website: https://sustainability-innovation.asu.edu/person/marta-berbes/

Marta’s paper on ecosystem services in Costa Rica:

Berbés-Blázquez, M., M. J. Bunch, P. R. Mulvihill, G. D. Peterson, and B. van Wendel de Joode. 2017. Understanding how access shapes the transformation of ecosystem services to human well-being with an example from Costa Rica. Ecosystem Services 28:320–327.

Paper from Jesse Ribot and Nancy Peluso describing the theory of access that Marta mentions:

Ribot, J. C., and N. L. Peluso. 2009. A theory of access. Rural sociology 68(2):153–181