086: Environmental history with Mahesh Rangarajan

In this episode Hita spoke with Prof. Mahesh Rangarajan, Vice Chancellor of Krea University, India and a Professor of History and Environmental Studies at the University. They discussed what it means to be a historian, the importance of intellectual exchange and cooperation across different stages of career, and the environmental history of large charismatic mammals in south Asia. Some non-English words that occur through the episode include: 

  • Padyatra: A journey undertaken by foot, usually with some social purpose behind it
  • Pindaris: Thugs or bandits as referred to in colonial literature
  • Valmiki Ramayana: An epic poem of India, revolving around the story of Rama and Sita, and composed by a sage named Valmiki
  • Apharan: Kidnap
  • Haathi mere saathi: (Translation: My friend, the elephant) a yesteryear Bollywood movie revolving around the friendship between an elephant and its human
  • Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Baroda: Erstwhile princely states of India
  • Yuvraj: Younger prince, not the heir apparent
  • Bengalis: People from the eastern Indian state of Bengal
  • Ghee: clarified butter
  • Ser: Obsolete unit of dry volume of India, often considered equivalent to a litre

Mahesh’s institutional website: https://krea.edu.in/mahesh-rangarajan-phd/

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