092: Sustainable development with Kaitlin Cordes

In this episode, Michael speaks with Kaitlin Cordes, an international lawyer and researcher who focuses on human rights and sustainable development. Most recently, Kaitlin spent eight years developing and leading the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment’s work on land, agriculture, food systems, and human rights. Prior to that, she worked at Human Rights Watch and as an Advisor to the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food. Kaitlin and Michael talk about Kaitlin’s work at the Center on Sustainable Investment, which included projects focused on land tenure and human rights as well as coffee commodity chains. The conversation concludes with a discussion about Kaitlin’s latest project, 31 days of climate action. This is a project focused on the personal, incremental, and intentional ways that each of us can confront the challenge of climate change and the psychological toll that it can take on us.

Kaitlin’s website: https://www.kaitlincordes.com/
31 days of climate action: https://www.31daysofclimateaction.com/

Apps that Kaitlin mentions:
Climate Action Now
Earth Hero

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