81: Ecosystem services with Nejem Raheem

In this episode, Michael spoke with Nejem Raheem. Nejem is an associate professor of economics at Emerson College. They talked about Nejem’s work on ecosystem services and how he applied this framework to the traditional acequia irrigation systems of New Mexico. They discussed several important challenges that this approach faces, such as the incommensurability of different values and the downplaying of reciprocal relationships that many humans have with the environment.

Nejem’s website: https://www.emerson.edu/faculty-staff-directory/nejem-raheem


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Raheem, Nejem, and Danielle Schwarzmann. 2021. “Making Ecosystem Services Flexible: Why a Whole New Framework Is a Bad Idea for Practitioners.” WIREs. Water 8 (6). https://doi.org/10.1002/wat2.1553.

Paper that Michael mentions on the “tribe of the Econ”:

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Book by James Ferguson that Michael mentions

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