Commoning #1: What makes a good scientist?

This is the first episode of our new series titled ‘Commoning’. Stefan, Michael and Courtney are joined by Michael Schoon (ASU) to discuss the following questions:

What makes a good scientist?

How do we transparently communicate the limitations of our research, without undermining it’s perceived value for our peers, journals and the public?

Michael Schoon

Similar to our Insight series, the ‘Commoning’ series will have its own numbering system for reference.

As we are aiming to expand the type of content we provide on the podcast, the commoning series will provide informal discussions among our podcast team, and we will be inviting additional guests to join us. Topics for discussion on this series will be wide open. This may include current events, recent topics on research, teaching and practice, reflections on previous interviews, or simply, whatever comes up! We want to provide an episode series that is not focused specifically on a guest, but allows for an open conversation on a wide range of topics.

We are calling this the ‘Commoning’ series, as we believe the term embodies the core values we are trying to put forward with this podcast. Providing a space for open, fun, but also critical conversations for our listeners, to share ideas and knowledge that can contribute to our science community.