Commoning #4: Fisheries and aquaculture commons with Erik Thulin, Jessica Blythe and Caroline Ferguson

Stefan and Michael interview Erik Thulin, Jessica Blythe and Caroline Ferguson on topics related to the upcoming Fisheries and Aquaculture Commons virtual conference hosted by the IASC on March 9-12. This is the second episode in a series covering this year’s thematic conferences from the International Association for the Study of the Commons. 

Erik Thulin is the applied behavioral science lead at Rare, and is directing the agenda for Center for Behavior and the Environment. He focuses on bridging the academic-practice gap through collaborations with research partners and environmental practitioners. 

Jessica Blythe is an Assistant Professor at the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre at Brock University in Canada. Trained as a human geographer, Jessica’s research explores how various groups of people experience social-ecological change and what explains their differential capacities to respond.

Caroline Ferguson is a fourth year PhD student in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford University. Her current research investigates gender in Palau’s sea cucumber fishery through an intersectional lens, as well as forced migration and climate adaptation in the Marshall Islands.

Conference website

Erik Thulin

[Cooperative Behavior Adoption Guide]

Jessica Blythe

Caroline Ferguson