IJC #1: Traditions and Trends in the Study of the Commons, Revisited

This episode is the first of our new Journal series. 

Here we will interview authors who have published in the International Journal of the Commons, asking them about their specific published paper, its purpose and future directions. The interviews will not simply summarize the articles, but aim to add additional insight into the author’s intentions and reflections.

We won’t be interviewing authors from every published piece, but are partnering with the journal editors to develop a selection process. In the future, our ambition is to work with other community oriented journals that embody the values we put forward with this podcast and platform, and to conduct interviews with a wider diversity of authors.

In this first episode, Stefan Partelow and Michael Cox interview the editors of the International Journal of the Commons about a recent editorial reviewing the state of the field of commons research and lay out their vision for addressing some of the gaps and challenges going forward. The three editors are Frank van Laerhoven, Michael Schoon and Sergio Villamayor-Tomas.

The editorial is titled: “Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Ostrom’s Governing the Commons: Traditions and Trends in the Study of the Commons, Revisited”