IJC#6: Social-ecological fit in Wisconsin lakes with Dane Whittaker

In this episode, Sivee Chawla speaks with Dane Whittaker about their research published in the International Journal of the Commons. They have authored the paper “Social-Ecological Institutional Fit in the volunteer Based organization: A study of the lake management organizations in Vilas County, Wisconsin, USA” with Alise Crippen, Corinne Johnson, and Marco A. Janssen.

The episode starts with Dane’s journey towards commons research. It continues with a conversation about the paper which focuses on volunteer based organizations as commons users and the theory of social-ecological fit in the context of Wisconsin lake social-ecological systems.

Dane is a PhD student at School of Sustainability, Arizona State University, USA. They study polycentric environmental governance of lakes in the Midwestern United States, and look forward to expanding their research to consider the role of power in shaping polycentric governance processes and outcomes in their dissertation. Dane is also actively involved with the IASC Early Career Network.

To learn more about Dane, see the following links: