Insight #13: Barry Ness on defining success in transdisciplinary research

This insight episode is taken from episode 024, Stefan’s conversation with Barry Ness.

Barry Ness is an Associate Professor at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies in Sweden. He is also the Director of the local interaction platform in Skåne for the Mistra Urban Futures project, and the editor-in-chief of Challenges in Sustainability. His current research interests include inter- and transdisciplinary approaches for both comprehending and addressing complex sustainability challenges.

He is also a researcher and work package leader for the Globally and Locally-sustainable Food-Water-Energy Innovation in Urban Living Labs (GLOCULL) project, focusing on creating an urban living lab approach for the food-water-energy nexus. Barry is also a project researcher in LUCID project and the TRANSFORM project.

Much of Barry Ness’ current research involves engagement with actors outside of academia. Currently, outreach efforts focus on how to improve the sustainability of craft beer production and consumption systems in southern Sweden, SustBeerLab, endorsed by Future Earth.

Barry’s Google Scholar page

Article on reflexivity mentioned in the podcast

Link to M.Sc. LUMES program

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