Insight #25: Ina Möller on constructing governance objects

This insight episode is taken from full episode 30, Stefan’s conversation with Ina Möller.

In the clip, she gives an example of how the objects we govern are often constructed by powerful actors, including scientists.

Ina Möller is a postdoctoral researcher in the environmental policy group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Ina completed her PhD in the Department of Political Science at Lund University in Sweden, where her thesis was titled The Emergent Politics of Geoengineering. She also has a Master degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science from Lund University, and a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Public Administration.

She currently works together with Prof. Aarti Gupta on anticipation, governance and transparency in the politics of climate change. Her principal focus has been on the case of climate engineering, which describes large-scale interventions into natural systems that are envisioned to stabilize global temperatures. She continues to study the reaction of actors throughout society as the idea of engineering the climate becomes more normalized in climate science.

Ina’s ResearchGate page