Insight #27: Kennith Wallen on science communities

Today’s insight episode is from episode 043, Stefan’s interview with Kennith Wallen.

Kenny is an Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife at the University of Idaho. His professorship is a joint position with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, so Kenny has one foot in academia and one in practice.  He received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources; his M.S. at Oklahoma State University in Zoology; B.A. at Truman State University in Psychology.

In the clip, Kenny explains the need for a platform that can help us better find like-minded researchers with similar interests for collaborating. Kenny is helping to develop and online platform, called the Conservation Social Sciences Community Network, which is now online. On the site you can sign-up for free and find others to collaborate with around the world.

Conservation Social Sciences Community Network map:

Sign-up link:

Kenny’s lab website:

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