Insight #30: Cassandra Brooks on marine protected areas and international geopolitics in Antarctica

This insight episode is from episode 041, Michael and Courtney’s interview with Cassandra Brooks. 

Cassandra is an assistant professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Prior to joining CU Boulder, Cassandra was a core member of The Last Ocean, a grand-scale media project focused on the Ross Sea, and her efforts helped lead to the adoption of the world’s largest marine protected area in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. 

In this insight episode, Cassandra talks with Michael and Courtney about her work to establish marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean, and the complicated nature of international geopolitics. 

Cassandra’s homepage: 

A recent paper by Cassandra and colleagues on the policy development process in the Antarctic: 

Brooks, C.M., L.B. Crowder, H. Österblom, and A. L. Strong. 2020. Reaching consensus for conserving the global commons: The case of the Ross, Sea, Antarctica. Conservation Letters 13(1):289. 

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