Insight #7: Neal Haddaway on how to do a systematic literature review

This insight episode is taken from episode 007 of the podcast, our conversation with Neal Haddaway. In the clip, Neal outlines the steps of a systematic literature review, talks about which databases to use, as well as the benefits and downsides to using Google Scholar as a search platform.

Neal Haddaway is a Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. He works on various projects involving evidence synthesis in environmental and development topics. He has a PhD in conservation biology, and since 2012 Neal has been helping to establish and improve guidance for formalized systematic reviews and maps in environmental management and more recently in international development. Neal’s main research interest focuses on the provision of reliable evidence for policy and practice decision-making and increasing transparency in environmental management.

Neal’s Google Scholar

Center for Environmental Evidence 

Systematic review reporting standards 

Tool for estimating systematic review time requirements

Environmental Social Science Network


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